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Core Values


Our theology is rooted in scripture, experience, tradition, and reason, and therefore, evolves just as we do. We do not expect to all think alike.


God's creation is wonderfully diverse, and we celebrate that diversity! Our hearts, our minds, our doors, and our ministries are always open to all people, whatever their age, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, ability, socioeconomic status, education, health, or political party affiliation.


We are proud of the sacred spaces we create for all people to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ, whether that is in worship on Sundays, in small groups dedicated to prayer and caring for one another, or in the work we do for and with our community. We are inspired by our Christian traditions, expressed in formal and informal ways-- through organ and choir, liturgy and guitar, stained glass and silence, music and art and service.


We care for one another through all of the ages and stages of life. We teach children and youth, and value their leadership in the congregation. We provide support and care for students, families, and singles alike. We offer support and love to our aging folks, and respect their wisdom and experience. We all need one another to keep growing.


We believe that justice is a key theme in the scripture, and reaching out in compassion is an important part of how we understand ourselves as people of faith. We work and partner with community organizations to offer help and a place to belong to those in need, to break cycles of poverty and violence, to build bridges of understanding and tolerance, and to speak out against injustice and oppression in practical ways.


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